Educational Videos

InvestingFreak Screencasts
These are our very own home-grown templates and videos. While we haven’t made the excel and word templates available yet please do chime in if you’re interested.

  • Technical Analysis 101 (39 minutes) Basics of technical analysis including moving averages, support & resistances and trendlines.
  • Asset allocation based on volatility  (13 minutes) Allocating capital to lower volatility stocks with a possible greater upside once volatility picks up (based on the Turtle Traders)
  • Asset Allocation Formula and Valuation (22 minutes) Evaluating a stock balance sheet, income statement and bond rating, allocating assets based on volatility.
  • Creating the Report Template for a Stock (72 minutes) When doing research on stocks its best to create a well formatted report for your benefit and for others if you decide to pitch the idea or distribute. There are many ways but this is the InvestingFreak 2-page template.


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