Current Stock Signals 5-15-2010

Posted by Investing Freak on May 15, 2010
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Due to my time constraints in the next two weeks I will be posting more sporadically.  Here are the current signals for symbols I follow.

You can also find this at the top on Current Picks Page.. I hadn’t updated it in two weeks but as you can see the major signals are from late April so nothing was missed.

My System caught onto the downdraft about a week before the “fat finger” occured and from what I just observed going through these charts is that the “fat finger” was very skinny and precise… nuff said because I need to keep this one a secret. Enjoy

Market Indices and other important Quotes
(Note: I understand you can’t purchase an index so bear with me these are just signals)

Symbol Buy Date Sell Date
$SPX 4-27-2010
$INDU 4-30-2010
$COMPX 4-30-2010
QQQQ 4-30-2010
IWM 5-12-2010
SPY 4-27-2010

The Rest of the Symbols (More will be added per request)

Symbol Buy Date Sell Date
IYR 5-14-2010
AAPL 5-4-2010
DRYS 4-19-2010
SDS 4-30-2010
SRS 5-14-2010
SSO 5-14-2010
SKF 4-30-2010
JNK 5-14-2010
HYG 5-14-2010
REW 4-27-2010
QID 4-30-2010
QLD 4-30-2010
XLF 4-26-2010
DIG 4-28-2010
DUG 5-14-2010
SMN 4-30-2010
VXX 4-27-2010
BBT 5-10-2010
BID 5-11-2010

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