Nightly Recap 4-8-2010

Posted by Investing Freak on April 08, 2010
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Market Summary:
DOW      +29.55 (10,927.07)
S&P        +3.99 (1,186.43)
Nasdaq  +5.65 (2,436.81)
Open Positions:  SRS at 5.97

Nightly News Links

US Economy:

Strong Retail Sales Prove Consumer Isn’t Dead (In The Money)
The one sector that is bucking the weakness is the retail sector, after a flurry of same-store sales reports that were very strong. Companies such as Macy’s (M), Target (TGT), and Gap (GPS) all posted double-digit increases in comp store sales, a solid showing. The Reformed Broker: ” On CNBC, a breathless Dana Telsey guided us through this morning’s March Same Store Sales numbers – against incredibly bad comps, the numbers end up looking miraculous. The bulls will make the case that this is the pent-up consumer coming out of the woodwork for good, the bears will remind us that Easter weekend came early this year and was wedged into the month’s tally.”

World Economy:

Greece is Dying! (The Big Picture)
Highlighting the increasingly troubled situation in Greece, the yield curve spread between 2’s and 10’s is now negative. Greek 2 yr note yields are rising a whopping 114 bps to 7.83% while 10 yr yields are up 34 bps to 7.51%. Greek 5 yr CDS is up 35 bps to 448 bps and now exceeds Dubai and Iceland. Greek stocks are down almost 4%. A German official didn’t help the situation by saying that their stance hasn’t changed and they will only assist Greece as a last resort. Well, that may be fast approaching but it’s looking more likely that it will be an IMF bailout that will lead the way.

More Links on Greece:
1.Goldman On Greece: “Could Turn Into The Endgame”
2.S&P Threatens Greece With Downgrade If Bond Spreads Are Not Quickly Reduced
3.PIMCO Compares Greece To Titanic, Says Bonds Not Attractive Even Over 7%
4.Is A Big US Bank Betting On A Greek Default In 11 Days?

Interesting Links:

Hispanics Create More than Half of Food Growth(Retailer Daily)
The U.S. Hispanic segment made up more than 50% of real U.S. food, beverage and restaurant growth between 2005 and 2008, generating $52 billion of new inflation-adjusted spending. In contrast, non-Hispanics generated $40 billion of new inflation adjusted spending during the same period. This means that between 2005 and 2008, Hispanics accounted for 57.7% of sales growth in the food, beverage and restaurant sector.

Southpark: Cartman as Jim Cramer of Facebook
A 1 minute clip which i found funny 🙂

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Sell Tech?

Posted by Investing Freak on August 16, 2009
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If you check the Current Picks Tab you will see I have updated it again.

After running my strategy… $COMPX , $QQQQ, $IWM, $IYR, $QLD, $URE are all on the SELL list.

I am wondering if the tech sector (COMPX, QQQQ, QLD) is the first one to lead the next correction or if it is just lagging the seemingly never-ending rally of the current market.

Stay tuned and keep checking my twitter for more info. (either on the right column under “Latest Updates” or at )


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SKF (UltraShort Financials) Overbought?

Posted by Investing Freak on March 06, 2009
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I hope you saw my post about my February performance. Most of my gains were thanks to shorting the financial sector via SKF.

I have still kept an eye on the ETF after selling it and is now is extremely overbought on many levels. I had a target of $250-255 for it but I did not hold my shares past $200. Now that my target has been reached I am looking for SKF to come back down to earth,  I am looking for at least $182-186 range.

With the market crashing down so fast there is not much incentive to go more short as I am sure SEC has plans for a no shorting rule or at least something to stop the bleeding.  That concludes this post and I will rest my case by providing you the chart which I am basing my case on.

Below I am attaching a chart showing the RSI being overbought but also SKF itself going over the Bollinger bands that I use. 
If you are looking to buy into SKF (besides trading it for quick scalps) then either stay away from it or just take the chart into consideration.    (Click to Enlarge)


As always, I merely post my opinions on here so I am not responsible for anyone’s financial decisions.

Have a good day,

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