The last leg of my August 27th prediction.

Posted by Investing Freak on September 13, 2009
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Well one last time revisiting my latest predictions since august 27th.

Fake Correction? Check (August 27-Sept 2nd)
Mini Recovery?   Check (Sept 3rd to Sept 11th)
Major Correction?  In Progress  (Sept 14th to … )

Check the attached Updated chart. (Click To Enlarge)

The Orange Line Scenario Happened for the most part except the fakeout below a trend line (circled above)

From the Sept 1 Blogpost:
Scenario 1: (Orange Lines)
Bounce back the next 5 days to reach possible 1040   then drop back to 1000’s and head lower going into October.

I am 2/3 so far looking for a full 100% return on my prediction.

Have a good one.

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