Nothing to see here…aaand we’re baaack!! :)

Posted by Investing Freak on June 14, 2011
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If you take a look at the archives to the right you will see that the months of at least half a dozen posts came to a halt in June 2010 when I set off for a nearly 2 month vacation in which time I tried my best to cut away from the World Wide spider Web.

Upon returning, life took its toll and between juggling this, another part time gig, an internship, school and more I was spending over 14 hours a day even most weekends trying to run it all but eventually it was either my health or a few of my favorite things (such as investing and this blog) and thus began the almost dry run of no investing and no blogging (well almost none) from my return late August 2010 until now June 2011 where I have taken a part time gig into a full time Business and have eliminated the fluff.

I have made several attempts at coming back committed to the blog in August then September and continuing almost one post or so a month until it just wasn’t worth making half-baked posts.

Corporate America is behind me for the time being and even though it was fun, having more time to focus on what makes me happy is a much better trade-off. I do lecture a Special topics class on investing at my University and therefore I have decided to create a “investing school” section in the blog which I will update with useful info for beginners. I know the page is blank right now but a few articles are written which I will be releasing slowly every few days in case i fall into a dry spell again.

To those that are still subscribed via RSS, come from referral sources or even have the site bookmarked and stop by I would like to say THANK you for hanging around while Investingfreak took time to “restructure”.  The website has also been redesigned with the Green Money colors and with the simplicity in mind.


As always the moto or Mission Statement for us is:

“See it, Call it, Trade it, Bank it” -Investing Freak


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VisionChina Media (VISN)

Posted by Investing Freak on June 15, 2008
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(VISN) VisionChina Media provides advertising to the Chinese people through digital media and even on buses and public places.

The stock is in my short term watch list. I will list a few con’s and Pros. I considered buying at $15.91.


  • Olympic Games comping up. Vision China is going to ave increased revenue for next quarter mostly due to the Olympic Games August 8-24, 2008
  • The stock went from $9 at end of March to $23 in Mid May and as of June 11,2008 was at $15.91.


  • Has a huge P/E of 130.
  • Chinese stocks are Very Volatile (hyperbole, I know)

UPDATE: June 16, 2008

(newratings.com) – Analysts at Sterne Agee initiate coverage of VisionChina Media Inc (VISN) with a “buy” rating. VISN initiated with a buy rating.

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