World Cup Friday

Posted by Investing Freak on June 11, 2010
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If you notice lower volume during the next 30 days you can bet that the World Cup is affecting traders (or maybe just me) with matches at 7AM 9:30AM and 2PM every day. I guess this would mean that soccer fans would come back for the last 30 minutes of trading during the “Adult Swim” hour.

The Data is out and during Q1 household debt contracted 2.2% annually while State and local government debt expanded at 4.25% annually. The financial sector “shed” ~$1.3 trillion in debt (on an annualized basis) in Q1. Is anyone surprised the federal government added almost that same amount? –EconomPic

From 8:30 to 10 am some exciting news come out such as the retail sales data and consumer sentiment. You can check up on them at the Economic Calendar.
Retail Sales Fall, But Not As Bad As Reported Demand plunged at building-material stores, reflecting the end of a government appliance rebate, and sales fell at auto dealers, in contrast to industry figures which showed a gain.  Subtracting those outliers we still have a decline, which shows weakness. Just not as weak as early reports would indicate.

The BP Oil Disaster has become large enough at the moment to cover Albania which now makes Albania the New Frontier for Oil Investors.

Keep in touch using the comment box and even make your pick for the World Cup Champion to be crowned July 11th.
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Make some money and think before you hold into the weekend.


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