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Mini Correction, Mini Recovery Then Massive Correction?

Posted by Investing Freak on September 01, 2009
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As I posted a while back, (See the “Fake Correction Followed By Fake Rally?” article if you missed it) the $SPX (The S&P 500 Index) has nicely corrected to satisfy me that there will be another move up 20-40 points to shake off more bears and when they are nearly all out (If market makes a higher high it will be seen as very bullish) it will have a massive correction to trap bulls and make bears cry for getting out too quickly.

I will be revisiting the charts I drew in the previous article mentioned above. Let’s start with the closer look in the past 3 days.
I was waiting for the SPX to break either the red or the green line and close below it. Well yesterday it did just that and that was the first clue as to where we were heading today.
The blue arrows are there to just demonstrate the Support line and where yesterday’s close was.  Grey line was my prediction for the next 2 weeks or so but it was defied by the market as it tanked lower and lower.    (Click to Enlarge)


Second chart is the long term view of things and 2 possible outcomes that this investing freak sees realistic.
Scenario 1: (Orange Lines) Bounce back the next 5 days to reach possible 1040 (ADP Nonfarm Employment change tomorrow morning so this could happen if it “surprises”)  then drop back to 1000’s and head lower going into October.
Scenario 2: (Green Lines) Go down further for the next day or to and reach 985-990 for a close (it could go down further and still close above 985 to be valid). Then hit ~1020 shake a few shorts that believe 1000 level has cracked and proceed into 950’s.
Scenario 3:  That’s your opinion and I would like to know 🙂
Here comes the updated chart. (Click to Enlarge)
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