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Stock tips from the Freak strategy

Posted by Investing Freak on April 28, 2009
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After SKF’s latest blunder in which I called the sell-off then couldn’t resist the LOW LOW price of $155, I set off to design a strategy that overtime would bring consistent growth.  I am using a 4hour interval for the strategy so it really isn’t day-trading but also it’s not long term investment (like those exist much anymore).

The idea is to give stock tips when the strategy throws me a Buy signal then to call the selling point when the strategy yells SELL.

Now If i use the S&P 500 or the Russel or any other index (all the stocks within it), I will get a lot of buy and sell signals that will drive me crazy.
I’m wondering if any of you have ideas on which stocks to put on watch list.  I will also need to create a section on this page to show the buy and sell signals with their dates as well as how much gain/loss occurred.

I think i might be going a bit over my head as many people do this for a fee (Timothy Sykes anyone?)  but I will  think this through for the next week or two and then decide what to do.    Your comments are really needed this time especially for ideas on which stocks to put on the alert list.

Till next Time,
-K (The busy man)

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