Nightly Recap 3-25-2010

Posted by Investing Freak on March 25, 2010
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Market Summary:
DOW      +5.06 (10,841.21)
S&P        -1.99 (1,165.73)
Nasdaq -1.35 (2,397.41)

Nightly News Links

US Economy:

The Social Security Tipping Point (Econompic)
The bursting of the real estate bubble and the ensuing recession have hurt jobs, home prices and now Social Security.
This year, the system will pay out more in benefits than it receives in payroll taxes, an important threshold it was not expected to cross until at least 2016, according to the Congressional Budget Office. The problem, he said, is that payments have risen more than expected during the downturn, because jobs disappeared and people applied for benefits sooner than they had planned. At the same time, the program’s revenue has fallen sharply, because there are fewer paychecks to tax.

The Recession Ans Recovery In Perspective (Minneapolis Fed)
The 2007-2009 recession is widely thought to have ended sometime last summer. How bad was this recession, and how quickly is the economy recovering? How does this recession and recovery compare to previous cycles? Check the Link for interactive Charts.

Ambac to File Bankruptcy ( The Big Picture)
Bond insurer Ambac Financial Group said again that it may seek bankruptcy protection after state regulators took control of some of its most troubled assets.
The news Thursday sent the company’s already devalued stock into a tailspin.

World Economy:

Dell Leaving China In Search Of “Safer Environments” In India (TFTS)
India’s Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, told the Indian press that Dell chairman Michael Dell assured him that Dell was moving $25 billion in factories from China to India. Original motives were cited for environmental concerns. But later details come up as to dell wanting a ’safer environment conductive to enterprise.’”

China Official: “Will not adjust exchange rate” (Calculated Risk)
After meeting with officials at the Treasury and Commerce Departments on Wednesday, China’s deputy commerce minister, Zhong Shan, told reporters, “The Chinese government will not succumb to foreign pressures to adjust our exchange rate.”
“It is wrong for the United States to jump to the conclusion that China is manipulating currency from the sheer fact that China is enjoying a trade surplus,” Mr. Zhong told reporters in a meeting at the Chinese Embassy. “Besides, it’s wrong for the United States to press for the appreciation of the renminbi and threaten to impose punitive tariffs on Chinese experts. This is unacceptable to China.”
This is more posturing before the Treasury releases the worldwide currencies report on April 15th that might name China a “currency manipulator”.

All Hell To Break Loose: April 15th (Reuters)
U.S. senators have introduced new legislation that threatens China with punitive duties if it fails to lift the value of its currency, boosting pressure on the Obama administration to take action under existing law.
The bipartisan measure, which merges earlier efforts to change the currency law, aims to end what the lawmakers said was Beijing’s deliberate efforts to keep the yuan cheap to subsidize exports and tax imports.

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