S&P Rising Wedge Pattern

Posted by Investing Freak on May 12, 2009
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I wanted to post this chart of the S&P with the following indicators added.
Bollinger bands with 2 SD’s and also the 36MA.
It is a 4 hour interval so every candlestick represents 4 hours.
2 candlesticks equal to a full day so that eliminates a lot of noise and allows me to see what happened the first part of the day and the last part.

I did get a temporary sell signal on the S&P today but that was before the second candlestick closed so it is not yet a Sell.
As always I will update the latest signals every weekend until I find more time to update more often.
(Click the chart to enlarge)


I hope you enjoy this chart and I really want your opinions on what to do with the direction of this blog and the types of things I post.


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