Nothing to see here…aaand we’re baaack!! :)

Posted by Investing Freak on June 14, 2011
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If you take a look at the archives to the right you will see that the months of at least half a dozen posts came to a halt in June 2010 when I set off for a nearly 2 month vacation in which time I tried my best to cut away from the World Wide spider Web.

Upon returning, life took its toll and between juggling this, another part time gig, an internship, school and more I was spending over 14 hours a day even most weekends trying to run it all but eventually it was either my health or a few of my favorite things (such as investing and this blog) and thus began the almost dry run of no investing and no blogging (well almost none) from my return late August 2010 until now June 2011 where I have taken a part time gig into a full time Business and have eliminated the fluff.

I have made several attempts at coming back committed to the blog in August then September and continuing almost one post or so a month until it just wasn’t worth making half-baked posts.

Corporate America is behind me for the time being and even though it was fun, having more time to focus on what makes me happy is a much better trade-off. I do lecture a Special topics class on investing at my University and therefore I have decided to create a “investing school” section in the blog which I will update with useful info for beginners. I know the page is blank right now but a few articles are written which I will be releasing slowly every few days in case i fall into a dry spell again.

To those that are still subscribed via RSS, come from referral sources or even have the site bookmarked and stop by I would like to say THANK you for hanging around while Investingfreak took time to “restructure”.  The website has also been redesigned with the Green Money colors and with the simplicity in mind.


As always the moto or Mission Statement for us is:

“See it, Call it, Trade it, Bank it” -Investing Freak


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Two picks: AIB and AMD

Posted by Kamil on May 18, 2009
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This is my first blog post here. As a friendly note, I assume no responsibility or liability for your trading and investment results. Do not forget, this website is solely for entertainment purpose only.

Today the trading day started with generally high buying demand and ended the same. My two picks for today are: AIB and AMD.

Company Buy Date Sell Date Buy Price Sell Price Gain/Loss
AMD 5/18/09 $4.1399
AIB 5/18/09 $2.89

All indicators aside, I think AIB is one of the financials that is undervalued. According to, in its first quarter trading update, AIB “announced that operating profits before bad debt provisions were higher than the year-ago quarter, reflecting strong performance of its Capital Markets and Global Treasury divisions.” That not to say that they do not have problems- they still experience declines in operating profits, net interest margins shrink, etc. The point is not many institutions are problem-less. As of the close today, the stock is at $2.90 so it is still a penny stock. Most likely it will be a longer term play for me.

AMD is a pure technical play. It has a major support somewhere between $4.07 and $4.12 (as indicated on the graph below). I bought it at $4.1399 hoping that it will break its trend of fluctuating and find its way up. It did surge, but not as high as I was expecting. The bears and bulls are still fighting. Depending on pre-market, I will most likely sell this stock in order to break even (including commissions).


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Stock Alerts of the Week April 27 – May 1 2009

Posted by Investing Freak on May 03, 2009
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As I stated in my latest blog post I wanted to begin giving stock picks based on my trading system.
I have created a page above with all the picks and wouldn’t mind people asking for symbols to put on watch list.

I will also try to post a week in review with the signals given out for the week.
Here are the picks for April 27 to May 1st 2009


Buy Date

Buy Price

Sell Date

Sell Price






















As always these are picks but I am not responsible for any financial losses you make following these picks. I wouldn’t mind a share of your gains though.


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Interesting S&P 500 Chart using Fib Retracements.

Posted by Investing Freak on February 09, 2009
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I have gotten carried away lately with life so this blog hasn’t received the tender caring love.
Tonight I bring you a chart I have been watching since mid January.

There is support of 818 and 804 on the S&P 500 and resistance at 890.  I will add to my short positions at 890 or if we test our supports I will watch closely as I think third time is a charm for a breakdown.

Without further delay here is the (in)famous chart.  Click to Enlarge



Hope you like it.

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Wild Market

Posted by Investing Freak on September 13, 2008
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The only reason I have not posted much in my blog is because I don’t want to play with the August wild market and therefore watched Freddie and Fannie get taken over without saying a word.

I am still holding onto SKF and even bought more as the price dropped.

I do see energy stocks making a comeback at least in the short term.
One of the symbols I am watching is UGA (United States Gasoline)  stock fluctuates with the prices of Gasoline in the US.
With Gasoline beginning to rise thanks to hurricane Ike hitting Texas this is beginning to look good.

This is a short post but I should get back to posting more opinions and charts within a few days. Thanks for Reading and please feel free to voice your opinion in the comment box.

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