More Coolaid: Market is getting thirsty ($AAPL , $SPY)

Posted by Investing Freak on March 21, 2012
Market Analysis

The following chart is the ratio of $SPX and AAPL and the pattern they formed which has retraced nicely into an almost perfect harmonic pattern.

I’ll leave it up to you for further research but here is a chart I’m studying and to me either uncle Benny provides more liquid or we’ll get thirsty soon.  Europe is already dehydrated.   If you don’t like analogies or can’t understand them… what I’m saying is that we don’t have much upside left so I’ll be Fearful now that everyone is greedy and regretful that they didn’t invest more.  The big boys got the sheeple where they want them and slaughtering will begin.

I’m lightening up at this point on positions, not all but a bit of a hedge is good too.

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