We are the champions! Congrats Bruins!

Posted by Investing Freak on June 16, 2011

I had to post this or I wouldn’t be a true Boston sports fan… sorry

CONGRATS B’s Well deserved!

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  • Hi K,
    Remember me? It is Joan from Boston – like the Bruins photo. I have to tell you that I have used your link to the econ calendar frequently since I first visited your site, and today was again one of those days. So, I like what you’ve done with the remodel. It looks good.
    All the best, Joan

  • Hi Joan, 
    I remember you and i’m glad the econ calendar has been helpful and you’ve stuck around while I’ve neglected it. Hope all is well with you. 

    I’ve left the corporate world finally to try a more independent approach. Feel free to let me know what more would you like to see on here? 

    My current plan is maybe once a week some “investing school” post which for you it might not be necessary. followed up by a stock talk and a market analysis.

    Have been loving the market action and expected this since late may when i saw the weekly start to bend. now we’re talking about 200 day possibly breaking? some exciting times are coming again.

    get the ammo ready as George used to say
    if you go on that site again tell them i said hi.

    Go Bruins! 

  • K,
    Good luck with your new venture! Yes, I think that a weekly “investing school” is a good idea. That way the people who respond/participate will be on the same page. I have read only a few blogs and
    found that while there may be some useful information, you have to read through a lot of the print equivalent of “white noise” to find it – so for me, I don’t see the benefit. Also, I don’t waste time on
    Elliott Wave Theory which seems to be the main focus of most blogs. I keep my focus on statistics with proven predictive value. Personally, I think that you are on the right track paying attention to price action and moving averages. That is what floor traders and professionals are watching.  

    George, what a nice guy he is, exactly the type that I would like to have as a neighbor. I liked Mitch and String too. At some point, I think it was late summer/early fall I stopped visiting as the content became less interesting to me. The posts (by the host) were straying from trading to politics and I think that there were a few about cage fighting(?). There were more than a few entitled “… is an idiot”  – in a nutshell, not the type of forum I care to participate in. Perhaps you can lure George here.
    I think that the quality of the information you have to offer will be very useful to your readers. I will continue to visit. 
    All the best,