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Posted by Investing Freak on December 06, 2010

I would like to take a few short minutes to Thank all the Freak-y readers for their support.

You can check out Investingfreaks’ Investimonial page and leave a review for others to see so we can get more visibility.

There are currently two 5 star reviews and one email from a reader that found us through investimonials as well.

Here are what is being said about this blog.

Danny:  “funny, sharp, witty blog and really timely notifications”

the creator of this blog warned his subscribers to be extra careful a couple days before the flash crash! check it out. go to the website and go back to may 6th and before! its a really funny blog too.

theres a nice little community of sharp traders at investingfreak. they share their trades and other speculations. really cool site, i love it

Tommy: “I bookmarked this site!”

This blog is great. The few traders that write for this thing are on point and comedic. That really helps keep the reading light and interesting. I wish they updated the blog more, but with all the market action that has been going on since the start of September. I can’t blame them for that. When you find guys that are willing to share great information, take advantage of it.

Fetcher (via email)

You have to know that I truly enjoy using your blog. it’s very useful and really effective tool for everyone! Actually I found it via, according to it your blog has few reviews but I think your blog deserves to be rated higher. So it would be a big step to ask your readers/visitors to leave reviews in

Again I appreciate the voiced opinions because as much as I ask for comments in order to improve the site and content many just don’t want to be bothered and pitch in.

One last thing is an update and apology. The last blog post before this was back in October and that is unacceptable but as Tommy mentioned about the market he is correct. (By the way I am long Blockbuster $BLOAQ, a January 165 Netflix $NFLX put which I acquired when Netflix was up at the $205 area a few days back)

I should begin posting more in the next few weeks. But if you are a reader you are urged to go to and write a review if you have something good to say. 🙂


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