The Perfectly Timed Vacation

Posted by Investing Freak on August 08, 2010

It’s been six weeks and the stockless and unwired vacation has wound down. To my surprise I see that BP bottomed right when I covered my July puts at a profit and since its nearly 39% up. Euro went from 1.22’s to 1.33’s and so on. Its time for me to find the reigns and take control of the market once more.

It will be a week or two until I get my trading groove on but for now i’ve updated the Current Pick’s page on top.
here are the main indices.

Market Indices

Symbol Description Buy Date Sell Date
Dow Jones Industrial Average
NASDAQ Composite
PowerShares QQQ (ETF)
iShares Russell 2000 Index (ETF)

Hope its been a profitable 100 point market move for my fellow readers and here’s to more fun swings to come.


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9 Comments to The Perfectly Timed Vacation

  • Fed leaves rates lower and unchanged for so long, and all of a sudden its a hugely anticipated FOMC event today? sup w dat?

  • heh.
    you know… low rates of 0% mean more money for big bank speculators to borrow at less risk hence they threw at the market.

    It isnt hard really to see where this is going. once rate hikes begin and the economy is still in ruins it will mean more expensive credit for little guys and less speculation from big guys.

    so yeah we were down and then gained back the losses for the day.

    I’m still observing the market from afar and no real trades have occurred but its been tempting.

  • see why i want to trade world markets. i already caught a rip on shorting FAS yesterday from 22.8, still open but i sold a 20 put today for .83… also yest got in SPXU avg 29.50, sold that today at 31.55… freaking+2 but i could go asian and other markets right now and catch the selloff there too… then close up and go to sleep with an even bigger smile on my face

    hang seng down 320 and falling

  • looks like FAS shorts maxed out, FAS under 20 already. loving these weekly options. you gotta get on these, reaping premium on easy momo

  • I knew there would be` weekly options out there haha.

    im still on vacation mode. will start trading around labor day

  • ok so do u foresee any afterhours/ premarket for options after they gain popularity?

  • yeehaw… FAS down to 18.02 in premarket this morning… , this beats the crap out of my BP trade. new best trade ever. now when u coming back? im tired of not having any idea of whats coming next and no satire on whats happening now