First Day of Summer

Posted by Investing Freak on June 21, 2010

Its June 21st and officially first day of summer. With that being said a summer vacation is in the works which might result in some inactivity on here.
But until then I will not stop improving and updating the blog. Last week I managed to get the blog running from 7 second load page to less than 2 which is 3x faster.

Next up was the much neglected Current Picks page that wasn’t updated since May 15th. That is now checked off the list and also an improvement in the look of the current picks page was done. Here is a before and after shot.

Next up on that page is to have a visual chart for at least the main indices but don’t expect it anytime soon.

Getting away from general information and into market talk. It seems like 6-10-2010 was a turning date for the majority of the symbols that my system tracks. The S&P is up 31 points (nearly 3%) since then. One thing i noticed is that 1139 is strong resistance if it the market gets that high.

Seeing this i decided to have some fun by plugging in BP stock into the system and i’ll let the chart speak for itself. Keep in mind BP rig exploded April 20th.

The Futures are up 13 points (1%). Only scheduled news is for Bennies counterpart Trichet to speak at 12:30pm. ย Unscheduled news? well the US navy moving around in the Red Sea and the Israeli crafting a new “do not bring into Gaza” list.

Update: Oh and what’s this? Far offshore, crews drill into Gulf to stop oil (AP) Relief well? Ay Dios Mio!! The only little people left after this will be BP shareholders and pension funds. They dont know how much oil is underneath there… oh wait one relief well might not be enough because the aim has to be precise so lets drill about 50 and deplete the oil ASAP and when the bottom of the gulf becomes an empty cavity without the oil and collapses on itself it’ll look like a humongous version of ย the Guatemalan Sinkhole and lets not mention the Mega Earthquake a crashing of the seafloor would create but wait lets add some tsunami for a topping ๐Ÿ™‚ . I realize i’m being a bit unrealistic as this takes time but lets put it this way,I might still be alive when it happens and it will not be pretty.

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8 Comments to First Day of Summer

  • George,
    Its more work than meets the eye ๐Ÿ™‚ but so far its been a passion of mine and I’ve pushed myself to keep this blog going. As you might have noticed i’ve been an inactive trader for a week now but the fact is i’m preparing to go on a six week pilgrimage to the country that starts with A ;). starting this friday at market close.

    You will miss my input on things but I hope you wont forget to come back ๐Ÿ™‚ I will spend a few minutes a day (midnight here) to jot down thoughts but this time i wont be reading options books like i did last vacation. Just pure enjoyment and reward myself.

    Received a nice piece of news today on a scholarship so thats a def added bonus to go with the missed opportunities i’ll have in the market.

    WOW what’s happening to market after Trichet at 12:30 ๐Ÿ˜› Bottoming or skydiving?

  • Skydiving and bottoming maybe. The SPY daily is still above its 36MA so until that fails, it’s okay.

    K, have a great vacation. Going to the country? Are you learning how to weave baskets and make quilts? Six weeks is a long time! You’ll have market withdrawel pains for sure!

    …just sayin’… Good Luck and have FUN! Enjoy our Wild America.

  • George,
    just fun facts.
    $6,300 per capita gdp vs $46,400 7x difference.
    12% unemployment vs 9.3%
    3.7% gdp vs -2.4%
    has a lot of proven reserves but it only produces what it uses.
    barring some recent political arguments its a nice place to be. so I guess I can work 1 year here and that would mean living 7 years there on bare minimum. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Looks like I will retire in 10-15 years then haha!

    yes thats why i chose 6 weeks so i could get a feeling of reliving life there.

    I will try to compile a few more posts i’ve left half baked before I leave one more stab at BP

  • wow I come back from world cup half time and SPX at 1099?

    Support in the daily is at 1110 if not 1082-88 next and then well skydiving it is.