Quick Update

Posted by Investing Freak on May 21, 2010

I hope you all have been enjoying the profits these past few weeks.

To the followers of InvestingFreak’s Current Picks I thank you for your support and I hope the $SPX April 27th Sell signal (along with the other symbols) made you some good money especially if you traded SPY puts. As Shown Below the market has corrected over 10% since then and there still no buy signal.

We now have a  Button on the right hand side.

To those that have already donated we would like to Thank You! for helping us pay the hosting bills. We hope you continue to enjoy the content on this site.

Lastly I would like to inform you that there won’t be any updates from May 22 to June 1st because even Freaks need to take breaks.

Make some money next week and donate 10% to us. 😉


10 Comments to Quick Update

  • K

    hi its phil from matts site…if u see matts latest headline…prechter 1 phil 0 ..u can probably guess what happened…..matt does not like criticism ..i responded telling him that and he removed my post and blocked me….anyway i just wanted to tell you that you have come a long way since over a year ago and have gained good experience trading…please tell george ..string …2 TH…and everyone best of luck because i will not be able to post anymore……… tell everyone ….. HASTA!!!!…….. phil

  • Phil,

    I was wondering what was happening. I thought you two were kidding around. You’re being blocked? I hate to see that. Your analysis has been spot-on. You will be missed.

    I need to think about all of this.


    if its agreeable with K i will post here during the day…please tell 2th and string to check here during trading and maybe we can all keep in touch with the markets here…..

    good to hear from u……phil

  • As a lurker at the “other site” I enjoyed all of your running daily trading commentary. First the twins opted not to post anymore and now the unfortunate blocking of Phil. At this rate, MT will soon be left on his own.

  • Phil, howard, George, Paula etc. I would be more than happy to do a daily or weekly post where we can all share ideas on here.

    I would more than love to have discussions here.
    Matt also deleted a lot of my posts even the first post called “Take it easy on phil Matt, its 1 comment out of 1000 that was wrong)

    and the “Pretcher 0 K 1 http://investingfreak.com/2010/04/special-edition-here-comes-the-red-ink-correction-begins/

    anyways just one warning… I might be moving my site to a new host so if you are unable to access it for a bit or your comments arent showing you know what.

    lets make money tomorrow shall we?

  • Got Gas? UNG still going up. looks like a legit breakout on the daily. It could come back to test the breakout which would be another good buy.