Nightly Recap 4-9-2010

Posted by Investing Freak on April 09, 2010

Market Summary:
DOW      +70.28 (10,997.35) Briefly Touched 11,000
S&P        +7.94 (1,194.37)
Nasdaq  +17.24 (2,454.05)
Open Positions:  SRS at 5.97

Nightly News Links

US Economy:

Bank Failures and Puerto Rico (Calculated Risk)
It appears the FDIC is getting closer to taking action in Puerto Rico. Three banks on the island holding more than $20 billion of assets are in trouble … It appears the remaining healthy banks in Puerto Rico don’t have the capacity to acquire these troubled banks – and most banks not in Puerto Rico just aren’t interested.

Crazy Expensive Stuff That’s Helping Push Sotheby’s Back Towards Nosebleed Heights (BID) (Business Insider)
Sotheby’s (BID) is back and the sales are as hot as ever. The auction house, a viable predictor of major market turns, is officially telling us its back to pre-Lehman levels.
Many million dollar pieces are even fetching bids twice the amount predicted, as wealthy buyers appear more than ready to spend again.
Back on March 14th I wrote an article about (BID) as a Market Leading Indicator. Click here to check it out.

World Economy:

U.K. Produce Prices Soar in March (Econompic)
Oil prices rose above $86 a barrel Friday on a weaker dollar and after robust U.S. retail sales in March pointed to growing consumer demand in the world’s biggest energy market. As can be seen, this jump is almost entirely due to the cost of energy (it has not yet fed into other goods / services) and elevated producer prices will be difficult for businesses to pass through to end consumers.

More Links on the Greece Fiasco:
1.Greek Short term debt spikes to 21%
2.Fitch Downgrades Greece To BBB-

Interesting Links:

10 Psychological, Valuation, Adapative Investing Rules (The Big Picture)
Everything cycles: Recessions turn into recoveries; bull markets give rise to bear markets. Every rally that there ever was or there ever will be eventually ends. Adapt to this truism or lose your money. – After a collapse (i.e., a 55% market sell off), most of the terrible structural news that existed before the collapse is reflected in prices. Let it go. (Plenty more good ones at the link above)

Southpark: Cartman as Jim Cramer of Facebook
Kudos to Matt Trivisonno for finding this video and finally some straight talk about China.
China is dependent on us, we’re working in order to keep Chinese people working. The Chinese think that we are suckers and are laughing at us.
Check the video below for 4 well spent minutes.

Have a Good Night


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