Current Picks Updated 3-20-2010

Posted by Investing Freak on March 20, 2010

The Current Picks page has been updated. Have a look by clicking Current Picks here or up on the top of the page.
Below I will only mention the new signals that have occurred this week.

IWM   downgraded to SELL on Mar 19th at $67.41  (BUY Feb 11 at $60.58)
AAPL downgraded to SELL on Mar 19th at $222.30   (BUY Feb 25 at $202.00)
DIG   downgraded to SELL on Mar 19th at $33.98      (BUY Mar 1 at $33.09)
DUG  upgraded to BUY on Mar 19th at $12.40            (SELL Mar 1 at $12.80)
SMN  upgraded to BUY on Mar 19th at $7.37             (SELL Feb 9  at $9.26)

And Mitch, I tried to add MGI to the current picks list per your request on the comment box, but right now it’s been stuck in a range and gives more than one signal a week (one too many considering I only do weekly updates to the page) I will keep an eye on it once it breaks the range.

I am only giving the latest signal for the stock mentioned. Use at your own risk and make sure to take the date into consideration. If you have been trading for a while you should have realized that relying solely on the strategies of others (think Analyst Opinions) will lead to failure so please only take the signals I provide just as another indicator in making your informed BUY or SELL decision. Now go Make some MONEY!

Have a good weekend.


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