Two picks: AIB and AMD

Posted by Kamil on May 18, 2009

This is my first blog post here. As a friendly note, I assume no responsibility or liability for your trading and investment results. Do not forget, this website is solely for entertainment purpose only.

Today the trading day started with generally high buying demand and ended the same. My two picks for today are: AIB and AMD.

Company Buy Date Sell Date Buy Price Sell Price Gain/Loss
AMD 5/18/09 $4.1399
AIB 5/18/09 $2.89

All indicators aside, I think AIB is one of the financials that is undervalued. According to, in its first quarter trading update, AIB “announced that operating profits before bad debt provisions were higher than the year-ago quarter, reflecting strong performance of its Capital Markets and Global Treasury divisions.” That not to say that they do not have problems- they still experience declines in operating profits, net interest margins shrink, etc. The point is not many institutions are problem-less. As of the close today, the stock is at $2.90 so it is still a penny stock. Most likely it will be a longer term play for me.

AMD is a pure technical play. It has a major support somewhere between $4.07 and $4.12 (as indicated on the graph below). I bought it at $4.1399 hoping that it will break its trend of fluctuating and find its way up. It did surge, but not as high as I was expecting. The bears and bulls are still fighting. Depending on pre-market, I will most likely sell this stock in order to break even (including commissions).


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