10% Gain in a day when people panicked

Posted by Investing Freak on October 07, 2008

This is feeling like a monthly posting but I assure you I’m getting back into it as I have finally started making trades again.

I just made 10% of $1000 in 1 day.  (small position)
Bought GE yesterday morning at $20 sold at open today for $22.25.

After I bought it yesterday I went to class and never followed it. Today I just sold it. So in 5 min. work $100.  The market is still not stable and won’t be for a while so I will make plays like this often.

Earnings for Q3 have started and Bank of America blew it.  If more blow it then the market will be very volatile for a while. I love it.   How have you done recently?

Below is the Profit triangle I drew around my GE purchase.

Good Luck and I hope to resume regular weekly (at least) postings.

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