VisionChina Media (VISN)

Posted by Investing Freak on June 15, 2008

(VISN) VisionChina Media provides advertising to the Chinese people through digital media and even on buses and public places.

The stock is in my short term watch list. I will list a few con’s and Pros. I considered buying at $15.91.


  • Olympic Games comping up. Vision China is going to ave increased revenue for next quarter mostly due to the Olympic Games August 8-24, 2008
  • The stock went from $9 at end of March to $23 in Mid May and as of June 11,2008 was at $15.91.


  • Has a huge P/E of 130.
  • Chinese stocks are Very Volatile (hyperbole, I know)

UPDATE: June 16, 2008

( – Analysts at Sterne Agee initiate coverage of VisionChina Media Inc (VISN) with a “buy” rating. VISN initiated with a buy rating.

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3 Comments to VisionChina Media (VISN)

  • Go short-term with this one. I do not see how they will meet their expectations in the future quarters after Olympics will be all done. It is likely that investors will take their money away and start selling out during Olympics.

    Do not count me on this one though- I do not know a thing about Chinese advertising.

    I will revisit this post in a year.

  • I see room for growth on long term contracts after the olympics for Nike, Reebok, NBA. unlimited potential.